Our engineers are fully qualified to care for your plumbing and heating problems. From an energy saving perspective when it comes to installation of any


We only install Band A rated condensing boilers with full set of modern Heating controls which means more efficiency on your gas bill, you could save up to £275 each year

Welcome to LRD Plumbing and Heating

LRD Plumbing and Heating. Was formed in 2004 to provide heating and plumbing services for social landlords and private landlords, at its inauguration, the company set out its long-term strategy to provide an efficient, economical and effective service for its clients.

In 2010, as an established company working for more than a hundred valued customers, LRD Plumbing and Heating was incorporated as LRD Plumbing and Heating Ltd and became a dedicated specialist social and private housing contractor. Boiler service, boiler breakdowns, boiler installations and general plumbing and house maintenances have been our top priority to keep our customers happy.

LRD Plumbing and Heating has expanded its client base and have worked in more than 30,000 homes servicing appliances and, updating systems but above all, achieving best value for our clients.

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